Hello students!
The year is fast coming to a close - and a very special year it has been. To celebrate the fact that we have managed - through thick and thin - to continue working and learning, Mrs. Hatchi has concocted a special event for you - an online teaparty!

I know how much you've missed not being able to participate in cultural activities due to the pandemic, so I racked my brain and came   up with this idea to end the year right.

Hope you have fun
- all the details and links will be sent to your parents via Pronote. See you there!

6EME SI ET CM2 SI - le vendredi 28 mai à 15h (en ligne)

5EME SI - le vendredi 28 mai à 16h15 (en ligne)

4EME SI - le mercredi 02 juin à 16h (en ligne)