ANNULATION DU CONCOURS EN ETABLISSEMENT - au vu de la règlementation en vigueur.


La SI continue à innover cette année et à faire des activités culturelles ludiques afin de motiver les élèves.

Cette semaine: le concours de la tarte à la citrouille, le dessert américain célèbre lors du repas de Thanksgiving.

Organisé par groupe, des élèves volontaires auront à présenter (photos/video) la tarte à la citrouille qu'ils auraient préparé ensemble, et, s'ils le souhaitent, rajouter dessus un élément créatif représentatif de la fête ou des USA.

La photo/video de leur tarte sera examinée par un jury, et des prix offerts aux gagnants par le professeur/référent SI. 

Une belle manière de s'amuser tout en apprenant davantage sur les traditions et la culture du monde anglophone. Bravo à tous les participants et bonne chance!



Dear students of 3ème SI,


You will be pleased to know that your efforts have been recognised by the European Union. The results of the survey we did in June on how you felt about school during the pandemic have been collected, and will form the basis of discussions to come up with  a plan to better face such a situation should another pandemic arise. Thank you for your honesty and interesting remarks!

We will participate in other activities at the European level this year, in keeping with our mandate as an international section.



Here is a copy of the email they sent to me:

Dear Ms Clarke-Hatchi,

Please find attached the certificate of your participation in the Collecting learners’ voices survey.


Back to school, back together!

Dear students,
So happy to be with you again! I hope you are fine - we will face this school year together, never fear.
Just a few bits of information to help you make the most of your classes during this unique period.

  • TOOLS USED: Pronote/Class Dojo/EWA app/ Bloggers digital textbook/KAHOOT/Internet ( culture, reading and vocabulary, writing, oral skills, oral)
  • ONLINE CLASSES: one class per week per level. Please check your cahier de textes on Pronote for the  DATE and TIME and the work to be done outside of online classes. This work to do on your own is to be submitted regularly.
  • COMMUNICATION : In case you need to contact me, you can use Pronote or Class Dojo. The email is to be used EXCLUSIVELY for sending files that are too big for Pronote  or Class Dojo
  • If you have any wifi or other problems, please let me know!
And remember, I am here to help you every step of the way – see you in class! 😊