WELCOME BACK SI - we're in this together

Dear students,

Here we are once again at the start of a new school year -
a special one, but one that we will experience together and help each other to rise to the challenges ahead.

In line with our blended learning project that I have designed for this year, please  have a look on the website to see what is in store for you.

Remember, each and every one of us has to contribute and respect the general rules for all of us to be happy, well-rounded, satisfied students in June.

I am looking forward to sharing with you and watching you blossom - benefiting from your creative ideas and activities and each student's unique character.

So, welcome back! Happy to see you soon!

Hello to the new students, and here's to an exciting and memorable year!

Mrs. Hatchi, SI teacher and coordinator

(SI project inserted in the SI section of the school's website and ProNote)

Dossier candidature test en SI

La période  de candidature  s'étendait jusqu'à 11 mai.
La sélection se fera exclusivement sur dossier, il n'y aura pas de test (ni oral, ni écrit).
Compte tenu de la situation actuelle et du calendrier de l'affectation, une commission examinera chaque dossier.

Les critères de sélection seront:

  • La motivation du candidat
  • Les avis du directeur et des enseignants 
  • Les résultats scolaires 
Les résultats seront envoyés aux directeurs et aux familles au plus tard le 29 mai.


The international section welcomes the American author Douglas Kennedy

Last Thursday afternoon as part of the Festival Ecritures des Amériques, Mrs. Hatchi, her 5ème and 4ème international students, as well as 3èmeC LV1, had the honour and pleasure of meeting and conversing with Douglas Kennedy, a famous American author based in Paris, London, Maine, and Berlin.

Prior to the literary café, the students had worked in class on extracts from his latest work, "La symphonie du hasard" - the third book in the trilogy. Below is an article from the local newspaper describing the event as well as the specific nature of the British international section.

Other interesting surprises are in the offing. As we say in English :  « The best is yet to come ! »


 « It was great» « I liked it a lot, but I was too stressed to talk! », « Miss, I like this author a lot - he is funny! »

« Can we do it again soon? » Objective attained - one proud and happy teacher!


Dorothea Lange national competition

Dorothea Lange  Students from the 4ème and 3ème SI  classes, encouraged by their SI  Language and Literature teacher, Mrs. Hatchi, decided to take up the challenge of participating in Nathan's national competition on the works of Dorothea Lange. As specified  on the editor's site (see http://www.speakeasy-news.com/dorothea-lange-competition/ ), the creative writing competition was organised to coincide with The “Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing” exhibition held at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris (Oct 2018 – Jan 2019).

Having seen the flyer, naturally the Language and Literature teacher jumped at the opportunity to help her students to develop their linguistic and writing skills in English - and have a go at being published online! Though the students did not win a prize this time around, they are to be congratulated for their energy, motivation and creativity .
We look forward to doing even better next year!


SEMAINE DE LA PRESSE 2019 - SI news headlines

For the 30th edition of the Semaine de la Presse, Mrs. Hatchi, Language and Literature teacher for the international section, signed up her 6ème and 5ème SI classes to participate in the project, with films,videos, and various articles being exploited in class - in English, to boot!
The  objective was to develop students' analytical and critical thinking skils, as well as to sensistise students to the pitfalls on the web and of "fake news".
As an added twist,  students also participated in a national competition on writing headlines in English. The 6ème and 5ème students took to it with gusto, and have produced some quite interesting pieces - yes, there are some errors, but that is all part of the learning experience!
Mrs. Hatchi hopes her students will do even better next year, and continue to explore various fun ways of improving their English and highlighting their skills. Congrats to all of you!