Hello students!
The year is fast coming to a close - and a very special year it has been. To celebrate the fact that we have managed - through thick and thin - to continue working and learning, Mrs. Hatchi has concocted a special event for you - an online teaparty!

I know how much you've missed not being able to participate in cultural activities due to the pandemic, so I racked my brain and came   up with this idea to end the year right.

Hope you have fun
- all the details and links will be sent to your parents via Pronote. See you there!

6EME SI ET CM2 SI - le vendredi 28 mai à 15h (en ligne)

5EME SI - le vendredi 28 mai à 16h15 (en ligne)

4EME SI - le mercredi 02 juin à 16h (en ligne)




WELCOME BACK SI - we're in this together

Dear students,

Here we are once again at the start of a new school year -
a special one, but one that we will experience together and help each other to rise to the challenges ahead.

In line with our blended learning project that I have designed for this year, please  have a look on the website to see what is in store for you.

Remember, each and every one of us has to contribute and respect the general rules for all of us to be happy, well-rounded, satisfied students in June.

I am looking forward to sharing with you and watching you blossom - benefiting from your creative ideas and activities and each student's unique character.

So, welcome back! Happy to see you soon!

Hello to the new students, and here's to an exciting and memorable year!

Mrs. Hatchi, SI teacher and coordinator

(SI project inserted in the SI section of the school's website and ProNote)

Dossier candidature test en SI

La période  de candidature  s'étendait jusqu'à 11 mai.
La sélection se fera exclusivement sur dossier, il n'y aura pas de test (ni oral, ni écrit).
Compte tenu de la situation actuelle et du calendrier de l'affectation, une commission examinera chaque dossier.

Les critères de sélection seront:

  • La motivation du candidat
  • Les avis du directeur et des enseignants 
  • Les résultats scolaires 
Les résultats seront envoyés aux directeurs et aux familles au plus tard le 29 mai.