SEMAINE DE LA PRESSE 2019 - SI news headlines

For the 30th edition of the Semaine de la Presse, Mrs. Hatchi, Language and Literature teacher for the international section, signed up her 6ème and 5ème SI classes to participate in the project, with films,videos, and various articles being exploited in class - in English, to boot!
The  objective was to develop students' analytical and critical thinking skils, as well as to sensistise students to the pitfalls on the web and of "fake news".
As an added twist,  students also participated in a national competition on writing headlines in English. The 6ème and 5ème students took to it with gusto, and have produced some quite interesting pieces - yes, there are some errors, but that is all part of the learning experience!
Mrs. Hatchi hopes her students will do even better next year, and continue to explore various fun ways of improving their English and highlighting their skills. Congrats to all of you!